Social Networking Overload

I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed and underwhelmed by all of the social networking widgets that are available these days. I'm currently on MySpace (though I can't remember when I last logged in to it), Facebook, Twitter, and Pownce. Not to mention the several others I've messed around with and don't remember. Add to that the blog and an IM client on several networks. It's overwhelming. I can answer the "What are you doing?" question in at least five different venues. I used to keep a Facebook browser tab and Twitterific running. To that I've added the Pownce AIR application (my Pownce id is kerner btw). I fear the ever expanding number of status fields to fill in will leave me with a status of "filling my status in on social networking tools" all of the time.

Pownce basically seems like Twitter with extra features like events and file transfers, but fewer people. These features are great, but without more people connected on pownce it's not very effective. If anybody needs an invite I've still got a few left. Just leave a comment.

At what point do we really divide ourselves rather than connect because of all of the different connection tools?  Will any given tool win eventually or will the next tool come out and add another to the stable of required updates. Sooner or later some consolidation has to occur. What are your thoughts?