iPhone Day Day Two

I'm exceptionally happy with my iPhone. It's a great device. That said, there are some things that are lacking after a week of use. Overall the things that are good considerably outweigh the bad (they impact daily usage considerably)

The Good:

  • exceptional photos for a phone – when put to sleep with the camera app open from pocket to picture is faster than most cameras.
  • great interface for email and text messaging
  • visual voicemail is AWESOME
  • the best address book I've ever used on a phone
  • multitouch interface makes navigation very intuitive for pictures and music

The Bad:

  • Flash. This is probably the biggest shortcoming. Not having Flash support results in the watered down internet. The iPhone has the muscle to power Flash 9 and I'd love to see the Adobe Integrated Runtime available.
  • Switching between WIFI and EDGE can be spotty. I've had the iPhone within 50 feet of an access point and it uses EDGE for some things and WIFI for others. 
  • Filesystem support. I want to be able to upload photos from Safari to web sites, manually delete music or videos from the phone, save PDF files or other documents from the web. 
  • Bluetooth transfers. I realized Saturday night with my cousins that sending files between phones via bluetooth is something I'd taken for granted with my old phone. 
  • IM. I really need an instant messaging client on my phone. Forwarding IM to SMS works, but it's a hassle.