Two Year Old Christmas

Christmas this year with Josiah is a lot of fun. Last year he didn’t quite understand everything, but this year there is a lot of excitement about Christmas lights, Christmas trees, snowmen, Santa Claus and the train around the tree. Over the weekend I pulled the old train set out of the attic and got it running on the living room floor, then moved it around the tree. Whenever it’s running J likes to plant himself on the floor and yell “caboose!” each time the caboose rolls around the track.┬áHe’s learned the names of the people in his nativity set and shouts out the animals in those he sees around town (camel, donkey, etc). He and a friend’s son are sharing role of 2-year old Jesus in the Christmas musical this year (a short scene before the flight to Egypt). Sunday night after practice we read parts of the Christmas story from his toddler Bible and he’s as fascinated by the story of Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus as he is for the train.

I love that so far he hasn’t even realized there is the possibility for presents. There isn’t any material desire. He is in awe of everything that is happening around him. I think this is what Jesus had in mind when he told the disciples that we need to be more childlike. How would we prepare differently if we were in absolute wonder of each part of the Advent season?

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with trees, presents, lights or even with Santa. It’s all part of the cultural celebration of Christmas. Josiah is filled with wonder about all of these things and he’s filled with wonder about the birth of Christ. My hope is that all of us can have the wonder and joy of a two-year old in every part of the holiday season.