My Quarterly Blog Post

It seems like lately I’ve been in a want to write, post a bit and do nothing long-term rut. Having felt the need to post on this site again we’ll see how it goes. Overall the fall has been really great. I’ve had a blast with all of the college ministry stuff, Josiah is growing and talking and doing crazy things, I’ve had the chance to be involved in some amazing life events with great people and I’m feeling a lot healthier than I did at the start of the year.

Some of the highlights of the fall have been:

  • St Louis trip with some friends for a Cardinals game and lots of good food. Josiah especially liked building arches at the Science Center.
  • I had the chance to go to a couple of MU football games. Overall the season was a disappointment, but it’s always fun to go back to Columbia and watch the Tigers, win or lose.
  • Officiated a wedding for some former students in St Louis and Sarah’s mom watched Josiah so we got to have a fun weekend getaway at the same time.
  • I’ve been steadily losing weight. I started August at about 200lbs and I’m down to 170lbs now. I’d like to lose about five more, but since I’m now at a healthy BMI it’s less of a concern.
  • Replaced the Malibu MAXX with a new Pathfinder. Had pretty much resigned myself to a minivan, but then the Pathfinder met all of our needs – passenger space, towing, and acceptable gas mileage.
  • A great class in Wilmore. I’ve loved having a two weekend intensive format for an on-campus class. Also really interested in the subject of Christian Leadership Identity. Some good books and great conversation with amazing classmates.

There’s a lot on the horizon for the winter and next year as well. I’m even putting together a calendar for posts so I might actually update things around here.