I went and got myself an iPhone last night. I got to the AT&T store around the corner from my house at about 4:30, chatted with some people I know who were in the front of the line. They'd been there over 24 hours. At about 4:45 some more people started to show up so I thought I'd get in line officially. When they passed tickets out at 5:45 everybody in the line got one and was guaranteed an iPhone, although not necessarily the size they wanted. They let people in eight at a time and by 6:30 I'd played with the demo phone, decided that I had to have one, and bought the 8gb model.

I drove home and proceeded to unbox. Five of the unboxing photos are below. Activation through iTunes was quick and easy. WAY better than the hassle at a carrier. Using the iPhone is a great user experience. My concerns listed in yesterday's post are still valid, but can all be addressed by Apple. I did hit one snag with the gmail module not playing nicely with Google for Domains accounts, but I've set up normal POP access and it works okay. I expect that there will be a series of quick updates to address this and other minor issues.


kerner's iPhone photoset kerner’s iPhone photoset