Triathlon training continues. I'm doing pretty well overall with Sunday being the only day in the past week that hasn't involved some level of fitness activity. Sarah's in much better shape than I am and is dragging me and Steve along. Matt's also in on the Tri training, but he probably rivals Sarah for fitness.

Sarah and I started our swimming lessons last Thursday, which was bad for me because I'd biked 25 miles that morning with Matt.  Swimming on Monday was much easier, and even better last night at our second lesson. The biking isn't going to be a problem, and I think I can handle the swimming, but I hate running. HATE. This morning's workout was a real eye opener – our first brick.

What's a brick? It's fancy triathlete jargon for a workout where you both bike and run. This morning we did a repeat twice (we probably should have done three, but Sarah had to get back to drive to Buffalo for work). Each repeat of our brick involved jogging a lap around the track, biking two miles, then running a lap around the track. Add warm-up/cool-down bike rides back to the house for a total of 6.5 miles biking and a mile running (half at a jog and half all out). Doing it a third time would have made the workout portion equal about half of the biking/running portion of our triathlon.

The good news is that I'm pretty sure I can finish without killing myself in the process. The bad news is that it'll be pretty slow. I'm going to have to practice the bike-to-run transition because switching from the bike shoes to the running shoes is taking me WAY too long. Ahh fitness.