One Month In

It’s been almost a month since I started at Wesley and I have to say it’s been a learning experience. Every church has it’s strengths and weaknesses. There are many things I’m very excited about working here. There are also things I miss from my previous position. We’ve received an amazing welcome from the congregation here and the focus on a single area of ministry is already paying off.

In an effort to energize my writing/blogging I’m going to be starting three new series on the blog. Some will be more frequent posts, others will be more sporadic.

College Ministry Vision [CMV]

As we go through this transition in college-age ministry I thought it would be good to be really open about the questions, challenges, successes and random thoughts. We’ve started work on our Healthy College-age Ministry process, I’ve been assigned a coach and student leadership is doing great work for this fall. Just as a teaser here’s our ministry vision statement:

Connecting students to Christ
Growing as disciples and
Worshiping in all we do

What’s that look like in the context of the church? Stay tuned as we figure it out together.

Creative Workflow

I have some training/education in design, radio/tv production, computer science and live event production. I’ve worked as a software developer, interactive designer, web guy, video editor and communication strategist. Design and experience matter. I’ve had the opportunity to work with several churches on communication strategy and creative process. Most of that has happened in emails, phone calls and meetings. Lately I’ve been answering some of the same questions and it seemed like a good idea to write about my creative process.

Food Writing

I used to write a lot about food and cooking. This series will probably be the least active of the bunch, but I’m wanting to start up again. My goal is to share something we’re cooking/eating at least once a month – hopefully with recipes. Sometimes this will be what we’ve created, other times it will be food we’ve enjoyed.