Transitions in life are always interesting. Yesterday for the first time in years I woke up without a real church home. Last weekend was my last at Schweitzer and Thursday was my last day in the office. In a couple of weeks Wesley will start to become our new church home, but today it’s still a few weeks away.

It’s always been a bit strange to hand in keys and leave a job. It’s especially emotional when the job has shaped a lot of your life. As a United Methodist I know that I am called to be sent. While this transition is a bit different than most, moving to a new church in the same town, it is still a transition. The emotions are very similar as those when we moved from Columbia to Springfield seven years ago. No moving, but still change.

I’m excited to hear what will happen as God continues to work through Schweitzer. There is a great team of people in leadership and the new team taking over many of my past roles looks like they’ll do a great job. Both of the new hires are people I would enjoy having as coworkers.

I’m a bit nervous, anxious and yet excited for all that will unfold in a new ministry setting. I’m anticipating preaching quite a bit more than I have previously and will be preaching my first weekend at Wesley. There’s still a bit of vagueness to everything I’ll be doing at Wesley, but I know my primary role will be working with college-age young adults.

I’m taking about two weeks off right now. Sarah, Josiah and I are headed to Maine to enjoy some hiking, biking, lobster and maybe some sailing. I’m looking forward to a some time to relax between jobs. I’m already enjoying having taken three days off before travel begins.