Schweitzer Community Outreach Center

This past weekend we gathered people together to do the first project in the newly named Schweitzer Community Outreach Center. The building just to the west of the church that used to house luxury cars is already being used to make an impact in the community. Over the course of a couple of hours we packaged 400 hygiene kits for the homeless in Springfield, 150 health kits to be sent to Haiti, as well as hundreds of meals of beans and rice.

As we start a new stewardship emphasis over the next month, one aspect of Growing God's Church is expanded use of this facility for community outreach – housing disaster relief, food pantry, special projects like this and new offices for the staff. The project also includes expanded children's and youth space focusing on security and eliminating the church's debt. 

The video above was shot with our new Canon 7D and a 50mm 1.4 prime lens. The event footage was captured from 10-12 and the video was first shown in our Saturday night worship at 5pm. I'm very impressed with the workflow from the camera into Final Cut and prepped for final display. I'd guess that it took Zak almost three hours less time to produce this piece than similar shoots from our Focus FS-4. I've been having a lot of fun shooting both stills and videos with this camera/lens combo. Next step is a set of rails and a follow-focus. We may even add a matte box to the kit.