Haiti Click Track Video

We made a spur of the moment decision to put together a video to tie in the devastation in Haiti with worship this weekend. You can watch the video from youtube below (SUMC folks saw it tonight at 5 and will see it tomorrow at 9:45 and 11, sorry 8:20 – you’ll get live musicians and no click).

This is by no means a high quality piece – it was put together in about 8 hours (including render time). The start and end are established to disguise the start of the video (it looks like a standard worship slide to open). It may not work well in your setting. Also there is one point where the video departs from the official lyrics – matching our band. There are three measures of the click prior to the start of the song – also the click tones are crazy annoying.

Obligatory Disclaimer: This piece comprised of footage and photos from the AP and some other photos from National Geographic and the LA Times. From a copyright perspective it’s sketchy, but I think it probably falls under fair use given the purpose of the video. The scratch track is our band doing God of This City and is licensed for web streaming. View the Youtube video to hear it with the song.

Download the mp4 – MONO click track @ 80bpm – NO MUSIC