NetNewsWire Makes Reading Blogs Fun Again

I've been a long supporter of reading blogs in some sort of aggregator. For a long time I used Bloglines to collect, organize, and read feeds. My main goal for using it had been to have access from any computer in a format that I liked. I tried out a lot of different web-based feed readers, but Bloglines worked best for me.

Until recently. The UI for Bloglines on the iPhone never lived up to my expectations so I set out to find a better solution. I decided that I needed to have a native app, rather than a web-based interface. My main goal for the search was to have a good user experience across devices. I wanted to be able to sync read/unread feeds from anywhere. NetNewsWire was the perfect solution.

I used NetNewsWire several years ago and was pleased with it as a desktop aggregator, but back then it was a desktop-only solution. I really needed a way to keep current at any computer which meant that I needed a web-based reader. In my happiness with Bloglines I never noticed that NetNewsWire got bought by NewsGator and along the line and integrated into their family of tools. The best part is that this integration allows for syncing of feeds, read/unread status among all of the tools. NetNewsWire on my mac syncs with my  iPhone and stays current with the web-based NewsGator (it would also work with Windows-based FeedDemon).

It's really great to have access to everything I want in a RSS Reader anywhere I've got phone service. It's even better that when I switch between reading on my computer and reading on my phone everything is synchronized. Reading blog posts is fun again. I can catch up anywhere and not have to worry about wading through posts again at my computer.