Easter 2009

Finally feeling somewhat recovered from the insanity that is Holy Week and Easter around here. I stupidly added up how much I've been here and last Wednesday to today involved more than 80 hours. Yikes! Thursday – Sunday involved five different worship experiences at six different times. Over the course of the weekend we had several firsts. It was our first use of moving heads in worship. It was our first use of a click-track to sync the band with a video. It was the first time we did our college worship on the main campus instead of at MSU. It was the first time we pushed a secular song into worship outside of the college setting (You Found Me by The Fray). I'm most excited about the video we put together to go behind You Found Me. I'll post some details about the process, the outcome, and the actual media. I've got to say that Easter was great across the board and lots of people on many teams did outstanding work to make it go smoothly.