Family Reunion Time!

It's technically Sarah's family, but unlike some people I'm going anyway. That's right it's time for the biennial Skelton Family Reunion. The large family reunion is something that I don't quite relate to, but it's a lot of fun. You see I grew up in a family where both of my parents only had one sibling (and we rarely saw aunts/uncles). Sarah on the other hand comes from a big family on both sides. Her mom is one of 10 (that's right, double digits) siblings – she's also one of the youngest, which means Sarah has cousins that have kids almost our age. It's a crowd of people – always an adventure.

A few cycles back the siblings decided they'd trade off coordinating the family reunion in birth order (it's going to be a long time before Sarah's mom is in charge). This year we're headed to Smith Mountain Lake in Virginia. From everything I've read it will be a nice location, although I fear it may be the Branson of Virginia. I'm looking forward to getting some open water swimming practice before the triathlon in a few weeks. I'm also looking forward to my first four day break from work/school related activities since last October.

I am taking several books with me to help pass the time. I'm planning a sermon series for the fall based on Leonard Sweet's 11 (going to read it again). I'm also taking Lois Kelly's Beyond Buzz. I'm also taking The Shack and a couple of magazines. I've got rips of Labyrinth and Across the Universe to keep me entertained on the plane.

The Flip cam is packed and I'm hoping to get some video that's actually editable. We'll see what happens. Regular updates on Twitter.