Rain Rain Go Away

It's been an incredibly rainy day today. It wasn't raining when I first got up this morning, but started soon after. There have only been a couple of lulls, but the ground here certainly can't keep up. Lucy refused to leave the overhang of the door to go outside, but she'd been heading to the door for about 30 minutes, so I took her out with an umbrella. Right now I'm thankful for huge umbrellas and plastic birki shoes. I managed to stay fairly dry, can't say the same for Lucy. While I was up to my ankles in water I thought taking some pictures would be good. The street in front of our house is under a couple of inches of water, and the river that runs around the back of our house and down the side to the front is certainly contributing. 

You can't really see it in the first picture, but the second shows the lake by our upper patio nicely. There's also a great little waterfall pouring into the river that runs from the side of our house to the street. The standing water is about 4" deep much to the dog's dismay. 

Rain Mosaic