2008 Goals: More Blogging

It's the start of another year and I figured I'd put together a list of goals for the year. Some of them will hopefully last all year, some of them are shorter term goals. I usually don't make resolutions to start the new year, but this year I felt like the goals were a good idea.

My first goal for the next year is to blog more regularly. Several of the other goals are related to this one in that they'll hopefully result in blog posts. I've decided that keeping to a theme for the blog is too difficult at the moment. That said, most of the previous themes for the blog will still be around they'll pop up as they fit what's going on in my life. I'll be writing about what I'm reading, minsitry ideas, food/restaurants, school, and life in general. My blogging goal is to stop worrying about the theme or focus of the blog and just write more frequently.