Rock Band


We've been playing Rock Band a lot at the church and I decided that I had to have a copy at home. I already had two guitars for Guitar Hero, so it made it pretty affordable to just buy the game. You can sing with an Xbox Live headset, so we're only lacking the drum set.

We played a lot while my family was here for Christmas and we took turns playing all the instruments/singing. Our band is the 100% Natural Family Band Solution. I really struggled with our band quote, we settled on "I've made a huge mistake" but "There's no I in Teamosil" was a close second.

Sarah is thoroughly hooked on the game, which is funny because she's not a video game person. Last night we had to start a second band with our friend's Matt & Meredith – Rock Dachshund. We borrowed the drum set so we could all four play. 

This is probably the most fun video game for a group of people I've ever played. It's got great music, it's fun for people that don't like video games, and it's funny to watch your friends try to sing Sabotage, Enter Sandman, etc.