ProPresenter Font Choice


Like I said in my previous post I’m tickled to death with ProPresenter for our worship presentation software. There are a couple of features I’d love to see added and I’ll write that up in a future post, but so far the quality of the text and background display has been great.

The one problem we’re having is probably Mac/PC issue rather than ProPresenter, but  it is a bit frustrating and has me looking for a new display font. We standardized on Franklin Gothic last year for lyric display because it is very readable, allows quite a bit of text per line on our 800×600 display, and it’s not Arial or Helvetica. Under MediaShout on Windows we used a 32pt font. To achieve the same projection size we’re using 42pt on the Mac with ProPresenter. This difference doesn’t bother me a lot, it’s more of an interesting quirk.

What’s bothering me is that character spacing is different (I’m guessing that the Mac is properly kerning the type whereas Windows just throws it up there). The image below illustrates what I’m talking about. With MediaShout and ProPresenter configured for the same margins, and font size adjusted to achieve the same size letters the lines don’t hold the same amount of text. With MediaShout all of the text fits on a single line. Don’t get me wrong, this looks better, but I’d really like to maintain the number of characters on a line.

So that brings me to my question. What font/size combo are people using for ProPresenter lyric display?