Christmas Eve @ Schweitzer & Merry Christmas

I hope everybody has a Merry Christmas today. Sarah and I are headed to the farm outside Purdy. Yesterday was a phenomenal day at Schweitzer, but it’s left me very tired. We had five worship services – one yesterday morning, and then four Christmas Eve services. The message last night was about the gift of Christ. My favorite part of the message is that the gift isn’t really about Christmas, but about Easter. The music was great as always, but Susan LaBarr’s singing of the Child of Love topped the evening for me. It’s probably one of my favorite Christmas songs.

This was our second weekend using ProPresenter and it didn’t disappoint. We smoothly ran moving a background loop throught the entire day with quick crossfades on text changes and very slow fades on background changes (mainly cutting to black during the candlelight portion of the services).

We’ve got a slightly green/yellow hot spot in our two main projectors which we need to get resolved if we want the screens black in a dark room. I’m not sure if it’s the projectors or the feed, but our rear screen doesn’t show it on the same feed so I think it’s the projectors. I’ve been wanting to replace the main sanctuary projectors this year anyway and move one of these to Memorial Hall and the other to the gym.

I hope everybody has a great Christmas!