New Mexico Pulled Pork

Last night the men’s group I’m in at church came over for dinner and to discuss the second half of Integrity. I made a chile rubbed pork shoulder served with beans, tortillas, guacamole, and chile sauce (both green and red). The event used up the last of our frozen stash so I had to order more (which will be here next week). I love alternative bbq uses and the New Mexican cuisine seemed like a good choice.

I started two pork butts around 10:30 on Thursday night. I ground four dried red chiles in the spice mill (two mild and two hot) then combined them with my standard bbq rub for the pork. I fired the WSM with the Minion method and cooked them at 225° until 4:30 PM. I really thought that they would have reached 190°, but they stayed in the 170° zone from 10 AM and had only gotten to 180° when I took them off the smoker (if I’d have had a bit more time they probably would have gotten to 190°). I let the butts rest wrapped in foil for 30 minutes then pulled them into a crock pot set on low.

My presentation of choice is to wrap the pork with a little bit of cheese and sour cream in a tortilla and then cover it with chile sauce Christmas style (red on one end and green on the other). Refried beans, some guacamole, and chips with the Rancho de Chimayo cheese dip finish the plate of nicely.