Election Night Bloggers Meeting

Went to my first Springfield bloggers meeting in a long time to get my fix of random political conversation. I figured election night would make for an interesting meeting. We started as the polls closed in Springfield and Patton Alley Pub has a TV set to CNN so we can watch results. More updates throughout the evening.

Update on the people here:
Branson Missouri
Curbstone Critic
Dad’s On A Rant
Fat Jack
Rhetorica (it’s all his idea)
Simple Thoughts of a Complext Mind
Tony Messenger – News-Leader
Zach is Here

Interesting site: http://www.islostarepeat.com/ 

Get live results for Missouri: http://www.sos.mo.gov/enrweb/statewideresults.asp?eid=189

My election coverage of choice: Comedy Central 

 Things here have degraded to the point that we’re discussing the need for a neo-whig party. What would it stand for? Powdered wigs of course (maybe even wooden teeth).

11:15 makes it a night for me. Time to head home. My gut tells me the Talent McCaskill race isn’t getting called tonight (it will probably take a recount).