Shifting focus?

I’ve been pondering switching the focus of this blog for awhile now. I haven’t been posting much in the food arena, mainly because I don’t seem to be as passionate about it as I once was. I’m thinking about moving to more of a general focus of my life to the posts – there will still be food posts, in fact I have ideas for two different weekly series for the summer (because that makes me post regularly). I’ll also do restaurant reviews, recipes, etc as they happen. It seems that I pretty much eat the same places and don’t cook creatively much any more though.

I really noticed this shift starting last fall when I took the job at the church. My passion has really shifted towards ministy and I’ve thought about shifting the blog focus accordingly. My first thought is that I will change the tagline to read "thoughts on food, technology, and ministry" and include my thoughts on being in full-time ministry. I have a theory that regular posts of any type might spur more food writing as well.