Hickok’s – Better than Flame

I’ve got a lot of things to write about from the DC trip – 5-6 restaurants, but I realized that I hadn’t written a review of Hickok’s, the new steak house across  the street from Patton Alley Pub and Agrario (it’s also managed by Eric Zackrison who owns the Pub and Agrario)

We went to Hickok’s the first weekend they were open and were somewhat disappointed. Sarah and I had outstanding food – I had a ribeye, Sarah had a strip. Unfortunately our friends, Matt & Meredith, didn’t get good food. Matt ordered beef  tips, which I always think comes across as prechewed, mush (which it is), and Merebear ordered the same thing as Sarah and her food wasn’t good. Other than the beef tips I think most of the issues were related to new grill, new staff, etc. I didn’t write a review then, because I wanted to give  it another chance. I’m glad I waited.

The weekend before we left for DC we tried Hickok’s again. It was outstanding. We had the chicken fried steak, the spicy burger, and the bistro broil, salads, and bacon cheese bites. Nothing disappointed. The menu has been revamped, portion sizes have been adjusted and sandwiches have been added.

The one thing that needs to be mentioned is that the burgers at Hickok’s are exceptional. They grind the beef from the steak trimmings. They are perfectly juicy, meaty, and delicious. I’ve got to say that they are the best burgers in the Walnut/Patton Alley area.