Rock’n Ribs 2006

Rock’n Ribs, Springfield’s local bbq competition, is this weekend. Sarah is the head cook for the Rotaract team (young Rotary) and she’ll be up all night in the Bass Pro parking lot cooking ribs, pork, brisket, and chicken. We worked last night on the super-secret rub and homemade bbq sauce for the competition. I think it’s going to taste great. They asked me to be the head cook, but I have another committment this weekend, so Sarah got stuck with it. I think she’ll do a great job, she’s been around my smoking long enough to pick a few things up. She also knows what good BBQ tastes like – her dad had her teething on ribs when she was a baby. It’s funny how she doesn’t like to gnaw things off bones now. If you’re in Springfield stop by Bass Pro this weekend, enjoy some BBQ, music, and help out the children’s charities.