Cunetto – St. Louis, The Hill



The worship team from Schweitzer is going to a workshop at La Croix in Cape Girardeau this weekend. On the way there we visited a Saturday evening service in St. Louis then headed to Cunetto on The Hill for dinner. Above you can see the remnants of several people’s food, also known as my supervisor’s tasting platter. I ordered the veal parmigiana which was served in an excellent red sauce. As a side I had shell pasta with a cream and garlic sauce. Before dinner we had toasted ravioli and calamari. The best part of Cunetto is that the food is very reasonably priced. Pasta dishes are  mostly under $10 and most of the entrees (which are served with a pasta side and a glass of wine) are between $10-20. Cunetto doesn’t take reservations, so be prepared for a wait (usually over an hour) unless you arrive right when they open. You can enjoy an appetizer in the lounge upstairs or In nice weather you can sit outside. If you’ve never been to Cunetto, my favorite restaurant on the hill, you should go when you get a chance.