Trailers Really Damage Trucks

So we borrowed Sarah’s uncle’s truck and trailer to move with last weekend. As you can probably guess from the title of this post we had a bit of a mishap. While backing the trailer into our driveway I hit the curb, jackknifed the trailer and put a nice dent/scratch all down the rear quarter panel of the truck. Funny thing is he loaned us the trailer so we wouldn’t scratch up the bed with our stuff. I didn’t think to take a picture of the truck, but Sarah thinks we should get the smashed panel as we’re paying a good sum of money to replace it.

After the wreck we moved all of the furniture into the new house before the rain started on Saturday. Things are finally starting to settle into place — the living room and our bedroom are put together.

The guest room painting looks great — I’ll post before/after pictures later. I decided that the room that is going to be my office really needs paint so we picked up a sage green paint for one wall and craft white for the rest of the room. We’re going to paint one wall of the kitchen with the green as well.

Last night we moved the remainder of the kitchen items. Cooking in the new kitchen can’t really start yet as we’re still living out of a dorm fridge. Although we’ll have our fridge on Sunday which is sooner than expected. It also means we’ll be fully out of the old house this weekend. This weekend’s goals are the painting, my office, and refrigerator — things I can handle on my own while Sarah recovers from having her wisdom teeth removed on Friday.