Splenda (now in Diet Coke)

If you’re not familiar with Splenda here is a brief introduction. Splenda is a no calorie sweetner. Splenda is actually sucralose which is made by replacing some of the hydrogen in sucrose (table sugar) with chlorine. Sucralose tastes remarkably like normal sugar and I can’t detect an aftertaste.

About two years ago I mostly gave up drinking regular soda and started drinking diet. I still can’t really say I like diet soda, altough I do tolerate it more than I did initially. There are exceptions to this — diet Dr. Pepper, most diet creme sodas and root beers, and a few others don’t make me long for the full sugar and corn syrup versions. I’m happy to be able to add a cola to that list as well. I honestly cannot tell the difference between Diet Coke with Splenda and the full calorie version. If you haven’t tried it you should go pick some up. It’s good stuff.

I started making sweet tea with Splenda earlier this spring and have been very happy with the results. I think my next test will be to make ice cream with Splenda.