Thanksgiving (several weeks late)

We spent Thanksgiving at Sarah’s parents house with most of her mom’s siblings (there are 9 of them). Her mom decided not to cook a turkey but instead got one smoked at a gas station in town that does smoking. Which disturbed me a little bit, you know, it’s a gas station. I shouldn’t complain though, the turkey was quite good.

We also had a cheese ball. Why people don’t eat cheese balls more is beyond me. They’re not difficult to make and they taste good. I’m compiling a collection of cheese ball recipes and will be posting them here, so far I’ve only got the one from Thanksgiving. With just two of us trying a lot of cheese ball recipes would be detrimental to the waistline, so help me out if you know a good recipe.

I think the downfall of the cheese ball is indicitive of a trend against good cooking in our society. I can’t tell you how many of my friends wouldn’t be able to roast any type of fowl. My generation was raised on the drive through and I think it shows in how we cook. I know that this isn’t necessarily true (people my age do cook), but it seems that numerous families could lose traditional recipes if the people in my generation don’t cook them.

So here is my call to action to everybody (all 6 of you) who read this blog. Talk to your parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles and collect a family recipe or two each holiday season. Especially from any older family members that don’t have children. You may not cook these recipes (although I would encourage you to do so), but somebody will thank you later. Trust me.