Gas Station Food (Oklahoma Joe’s)

So I know I wrote about the gas station turkey in my Thanksgiving post, but I had to write this as well. I’ve been trying to eat at Oklahoma Joe’s Barbecue during several different trips to Kansas City. Last week I finally got my chance. I did feel a bit silly eating ribs at 4:00 PM knowing that a snow storm was coming, and I had a two hour drive ahead of me, but I was not the only person who thought 4:00 was an acceptable time for BBQ.

If you are ever in Kansas City you’ve got to eat at Oklahoma Joe’s. They have the best ribs I have ever tasted. Please don’t be scared that the restaurant is in a Texaco station. It is the stick by which I will be measuring BBQ in the future. Of course I’ll have to go back and sample the menu in more detail (the troubles I go to in the name of good food).

Once again I’m saddened by the lack of good BBQ in what will be my new home (Springfield, MO). Somebody please correct me here if I’m wrong. But it does give me hope that if at sometime I can afford to open a restaurant it just might be a BBQ joint in a gas station.