MAX Materials

So I downloaded and printed the MAX materials today. Between the slow Flash Paper printing and the shoddy DSL line at my office it took over 2 hours to complete.

Having access to the materials before hand is great, although it would be nice if Macromedia were able to make sure all the presentations had materials. I hope all of the Macromedia staff doing presentations that don’t have materials available in the preso library are presenting topics that are under NDA until the conference. It seems that a lot of the sessions I’ve scheduled are being handled by Macromedia and lacking in printable resources. I also hope that those presentations have printed materials available at the door. I know that I’m not going to have access to a printer once I get on the plane Monday morning, anybody else?

So Flash Paper . . . Am I the only person who hates it? It’s horribly slow on my PowerBook, involving two dialog boxes (print setup then print), excruciating “printing page x” output, then a slow cycle through the print center and again at the printer. I’m not using a slouch of a printer (or a computer for that matter). I know it performs much better on my Windows system, but that is not an excuse. Anyway do we really need another “universal” printing solution? Hasn’t that been locked up by PDF for years?

All of this said, I’m still incredibly excited about the conference this year. For the first time in years somebody I’ve worked with will be attending which should be fun. I’m also looking forward to meeting some new people. The number of tools available for conference attendees is great — the preso library, the central app (which I’ll post more about later), intro. All are helping to make this one of my better preconference experiences.

I leave in 36 hours.