Okay, I’m disappointed. I downloaded all of the files that are in the related information for this session and they didn’t work.

Some more research showed that they didn’t work because I’m using a Mac and the scripts are IE specific. I get JavaScript errors galore in the Mozilla js console. Even on Windows.

HELLO!?! The title of this session is “Practical CSS Examples for Navigation and Layout.” In my mind being IE specific isn’t very practical.

If you open the file in Dreamweaver MX 2004 and run a test against target browsers it tells you flat out that it only works on IE on Windows.

I know Macromedia doesn’t really control the content of the presentations, especially the accessory files, but it seems like cross-browser/platform compatability is something MACR should set as a guideline.

If this is a standard practice for the presenters the CSS sessions I’m signed up for will be relatively useless.