Q Los Angeles

This week Sarah and I are at the Q Conference in LA. I love LA. I’ve been here each of the last several years for another conference. It’s her first trip. We spent yesterday and will spend Friday/Saturday exploring the city. I’m really excited that she’s at this event this year.

Q is a great forum for learning and dreaming. It’s both expensive and a great value. The cost is higher than most church conferences, but it’s much more than a church conference. It engages the ethos of the host city. It brings together a diverse group of presenters and participants. It challenges, it inspires and it reinforces what God is doing. I’d love to go to TED and Q captures the same level of quality with a spiritual emphasis at a great price in comparison.

I’ve been to the events in Austin, Chicago, Portland, DC and now LA. A lot of people have asked why I keep coming back to the same event. Also why I’m bringing my wife along this year. I’ve found that every year I meet a handful of new people that dramatically shape something in the year ahead. I’ve found that even the presentations that don’t immediately resonate do something over time. I’ve found that I come back home tired, excited and full of dreams. There’s no way I can effectively share the experience with Sarah and I’ve always thought it leaves her out of something amazing. That’s why this year she’s here in LA.

What will we learn? What will be the next step because of somebody or something that happens here? I have no idea, that’s part of the joy and the adventure of Q.