Initial Adobe CreativeCloud Thoughts

I’ve been excited about Creative Cloud from Adobe since it was announced last fall. Partially because I really like the idea of app interconnectedness in the cloud. Mainly though it’s because the pricing makes the entire Master Collection of Creative Suite apps affordable for many more people. Sure some people don’t like software subscriptions, but overall I think this is going to be a win-win for everybody.

So here are my initial thoughts (playing with it briefly today):

  • The new installer is great. Pick the software, click a button and it downloads/installs. Not sure how uninstalls are going to work, but I’m hoping nicely.
  • The licensing procedure is really slick – if the installer is signed into your CreativeCloud account no serial numbers are required.
  • The new IOS touch apps are really cool. I especially like how they sync with each other across the Cloud. If you’ve been using Android they’ve been out for awhile.

The best part about Creative Cloud for many people though will be the pricing. Without the cloud services, extra applications and regular updates the pricing is great. Best of all a monthly payment is easier to work into the cash flow than a lump sum purchase. Compare this:

  • CS6 Master Collection @ $2,599 (upgrade for $525 or $1049)
  • Creative Cloud Subscription @ $49.99/month *12 = ¬†$599.88
  • Initial Creative Cloud Upgrade* @ $29.99/month * 12 = $359.88

Check it out:

*for CS3 and newer customers