Occupy Portland

While I was in Portland on Thursday I had the opportunity to experience the Occupy Portland protest. I’m a huge fan of people watching and Portland has some of the best around. Thursday I was in for a treat though. I’d been out to Tigard to meet with Chuck Bomar and when I got back into the city I was conveniently in the midst of the protest (my hotel was just off Pioneer Square). I’d had an agenda for the afternoon, but taking some photos and watching the protesters became the new priority.┬áSome interesting things I noticed. It was incredibly peaceful – maybe a statement about the protesters or the PDX police department. The protesters were all ages – parents with babies and children, teens, and adults young and old. There are some points where I absolutely agree with this group and some points where I really disagree, from the conversations I had with some of the people participating I’m not alone in that feeling. Overall it was quite an interesting and enjoyable afternoon.

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