Visual Worship – PSU Edition

Visual Worship 1
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Sunday night we had a minimalist setup at The Green Room for worship. Part of the setup served as an object lesson, we didn't pay the PSU to set chairs and everything else had to fit in my car and be stuff I could put together on my own. We didn't bring any PA and the only people serving were the band and a slide operator. The acoustic set was amazing and we're going to have to do more unplugged worship, although really minimal PA is needed in the ballroom.

Rather than hauling lights, truss, and the huge screen (which I can't set up by myself) we opted for an architectural projection setup. We took two projectors and used the projector in the PSU for a center screen. It took me about 30 minutes to line up the two wall projectors, another 20 minutes to create a good mask for the center screen, and then some time to stitch together the images. For imagery we used the triptych image sets from Awake Images.

We've done this type of projection at the Sunshine campus, but never at MSU. We've also never lined up the edges of multiple projectors or masked out regions. I've got to say the effect is amazing. I was also shocked at how easily it all went together using ProPresenter and a TripleHead2Go. I invested less than 90 minutes from unpacking to worship ready images on the walls.