Unexpected Kitchen Remodel

Moldy Floors
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We were planning to replace the flooring on the main level of our house with hardwood last week. This is what we discovered during demolition. Not a happy sight. A slow water leak, estimated to have started before we bought the house, has caused substantial damage to the subfloor and allowed for quite a bit of mold to grow. ICK!

Replacing the flooring has grown into replacing the subfloor. Since we're already in this far we decided that if there's ever a time to remodel the entire kitchen now is the time. Right now we're getting bids from contractors on tearing out some walls and moving the kitchen to the area where our dining room is now. The result will be one room that's 13×30'.

We've sketched out some ideas, looked at appliances, it's going to come down to the construction bids whether or not the project is happening. Hopefully we'll know more later this week.