Smoked Salmon Spread

202393_fish_salmon Smoked Salmon Spread is my favorite smoker appetizer. It's both incredibly easy to make and amazingly delicious. It's something I try to make just about any time I fire up the smoker with guests coming over, and dinner with Yvi and Scott last week was no exception. I'd make it every time I fire up the smoker, but it's not a very healthy snack option.

The key is that there are really only two ingredients: an individual portion of salmon and a brick of cream cheese. You do need get a rub you like on the salmon before smoking it. Last week I used Penzey'z Northwoods Seasoning, salt, pepper, and quite a lot of brown sugar. Take the rubbed salmon piece, toss it on the smoker, let it smoke until well done. Last week it was on about 90 minutes at 225° F. Put the salmon and cream cheese in the bowl of a food processor and mix until well combined. Spread on stuff: crackers, chips, bagels, toast, most everything is better with smoked salmon.

The salmon spread is always a hit. Yesterday Sarah went and got bagels from Panera and I finished the last of it with an asiago bagel. Getting rid of the smoked salmon cream cheese was a mistake that Panera (St Louis Bread Co) made a few years back. Getting to indulge with homemade spread is a tasty treat.