Newest Staff Member – Zak Lampert

I'm really excited that Zak Lampert is going to be joining the arts team at Schweitzer in a full-time position as the Media Coordinator & Modern Worship Leader. I've known Zak since he was in high school and he's an amazing young man. He was the first PA who worked in the media office when I was hired and it's been a blast working with him all of these years. Two years ago Zak left working in the media department to become our Modern Worship Leader. He also finished a mass media degree at Missouri State. Zak has a great heart and has grown amazingly as both an artist and a leader since we first met.

Zak will continue in his role leading all of the modern worship teams as well as serve as the primary contact for media production of the church. It's awesome to be able to hire somebody into this role that already gets the DNA of the church and has relationships with people in both the media and modern worship ministries. I'm looking forward to all of the creative possibilities this staffing decision will open up for the church.