Mountain Biking – Givolo & Creekside Trails

We went biking yesterday afternoon, but never managed to find the trail we were looking to ride. This morning we had a different experience though. Biked from the condo out to Fraser then connected with the Givolo trail, followed it out to Northwest Passage and Creekside. Northwest Passage was through an area that has been clearcut due to the mountain pine beetles. Even though Sarah wasn’t so sure about trekking from a blue path to a blue/black we hit Creekside anyway. A bit of mud, some nice rocky terrain, not a lot of climbing. Rode back home on the Fraser River Trail.

After Firepin not working well without cell coverage I decided to try out Trailguru. It worked beautifully. You can see the track of our trip below. It even connects with Google Earth. The afternoon rain has started, but we’re planning to hike around at WP Resort and ride the alpine slide after lunch.