Talking about Dating

At The Green Room we're wrapping up a series about dating this weekend. It's been a great couple of weeks talking about relationships. I wanted to write down some of my thoughts from the past two weeks of messages about having healthy relationships. The first week we covered knowing yourself and knowing God. This past weekend we talked about tips for healthy dating.

  • You've got to know who you you are, where you come from, and what you're looking for in a dating relationship.
  • You've got to focus on primarily a relationship with God to have healthy dating relationships.
  • Two complete people make healthy relationships – neither one should be counting on the other for completion.
  • Boundaries are important. Make some boundary decisions before you have to make a snap judgment.
  • It's important that you can be yourself with whomever you date.
  • Dating should be fun, if you can't relax it's probably not right.

I'm most excited about this coming weekend. Rather than having a talk we've invited four married couples to answer questions about relationships. The couples have been married 3 years, 12 years, 29 years, and 40+ years. I'm pretty sure that I'm going to learn something from all of them this weekend.