About Matt Kerner

Kerner.net is the personal weblog
of Matt Kerner. He is married to Sarah Kerner who is legal counsel for
the Springfield-Branson National Airport. They have a dachshund named

Kerner.net was originally a repository of Kerner’s cooking
experiments, recipes, and restaurant experiences. These days it wanders
into other areas given Kerner’s technology background and current work
in the local church, but there’s still quite a bit of food.

Currently Matt Kerner is serving as the pastor of creative arts and
college ministry at Schweitzer United Methodist Church. In this role he
manages a team of people who produce original video illustrations,
podcasts, web sites, and all manner of other things to enhance the
ministry of the church. The college ministry leads a second site
ministry at Missouri State offering weekly worship, small groups, and
service opportunities.

Kerner serves as a board member and advisor of Educara Software
Corporation, a small ISV that specializes in building tools that help
businesses manage institutional knowledge. In this role, Kerner does
software development, research, business development and all manner of
other things.

Previously Kerner was a principal of Show-Me Interactive an
interactive media development firm specializing in CD-ROMs, kiosks and
online applications.

He also serves as the manager for the Springfield Adobe User Group.
He has written or edited several books on Macromedia software products
over the years and continues to give back to the development community.
Kerner is also a foodie (if you couldn’t tell given the nature of this
blog). Kerner acquired a taste for fine food when working in a startup
during the Internet bubble. When he broke off to start his own firm the
spirit of frugality ruled out eating in nice restaurants every day, but
it didn’t stop the desire for good food. Kerner solved his quest for
the food of restaurants by learning to cook it. While he is by no means
a formally trained chef he feels comfortable with just about any type
of cuisine or pastry. Kerner loves cookbooks of all sort and will buy
them at any opportunity (much to his wife’s displeasure).

Outside of technology, ministry and food Kerner bikes regularly,
attempts the occasional triathlon, wants rocking the boat to be part of
his official job description, and likes a nap whenever possible. He is
attempting to learn to play the guitar. He also enjoys a Broadway
musical whenever possible.

Kerner can be contacted via email: matt -{at}- kerner.net