Innovate 2008 is HERE!

n29480661192_1347.jpgI can hardly believe it's time for Innovate again this year. It seems like not that long ago that I had my first experience at GCC last fall. This year finds me in a very different role than I was last year and I'm having trouble picking sessions, workshops, etc. I really want to go to those that focus on the old, comfortable, tech/media hats I used to wear. Those sessions appeal to my inner geek. Simultaneously I want to go to sessions about leadership, vision, and strategy. Today I'm in Kem Meyer's web workshop which is clearly communication strategy, but focused on a tech-like topic. I'll miss getting to hang out with the IT Roundtable folks, but this is probably a better fit for my role. Tomorrow and Friday I'll have tougher decisions because the breakout sessions look really good. One thing I'm excited about is the casual Q&A sessions that have been added this year. I'm doing two of them, one on leading artists and one on college ministry. I'm excited for the presentations by Shawn Wood, Steven Furtick, and the team. I guess that means I'm excited about the whole event. Should be a fun week.