Green Room Runthrough

We had the first runthrough for the Green Room (our college worship) at Missouri State this weekend. I'm incredibly excited about moving our college worship to the campus, but man is portable church a lot of work. We held the group to the core leadership team (about a dozen people), met at the church at 1:30, and headed to the Plaster Student Union. Getting things out of Schweitzer and to MSU was easy. We did leave some key equipment on the floor of the church and had to send a group back to get it. Load out from the room we're using to having things put away in the church was also very quick. I think both of those tasks took less than 40 minutes each. I really see the benefit of a packaged system for portable ministry, but I think we did a decent job putting our kit together given how smoothly we were able to move things. 

Our biggest hurdle was the time it took from getting all of the gear in the room to being setup and ready to run worship. We're going to have to do some substantial training/practice on the tech/band setup. We did okay – we were ready to do worship about two hours after we met at Schweitzer. I'd really like to get that under 90 minutes.  

We're going to do the worship on campus monthly for the rest of this semester to get us ready for the fall.