2008 Goals: Learn Guitar

This is probably the least likely of the 2008 goals to actually happen. I've had a guitar for several years, I know about 10 chords, and am completely incapable of switching between them with any semblance of musical ability. I know that the key to solving this problem is practicing. I'm not such a fan of practice though (which is why this goal probably won't be achieved). I'm currently looking for resources online, books, DVDs, software, etc. to make the guitar learning less self-directed.

I took mandolin lessons several years ago and got decent enough that playing in public wasn't a humiliating experience, but like all things if you don't do it you lose it. I can still pick up the mandolin and play, but can't do anything fancy. My hope is that the guitar will be a much more useful instrument to actually play. Not sure why I think that – I have no desire to play in a band, or lead worship, or have sing-a-longs at home, but I still think I'll play the guitar more than I played the mandolin. Am I crazy?

I know a several of the readers of this blog are guitar players. What suggestions would you have? Should I suck it up and actually take lessons or are there any good materials that will help me teach myself?