onAIR Bus Tour – St Louis

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Went to St Louis for the Adobe onAIR bus tour event yesterday. I drove up in the morning, bummed around the city for the afternoon, then went to the event in the evening. This morning I got up, ate breakfast and continued to be touristy in St Louis. I even went for lunch on the Hill at Rigazzi's and did some required shopping at Vivianos and Trader Joes.

Many of my readers probably don't know anything about the Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) an SDK/framework for building desktop applications using web app technology (Flash/HTML). The digital signage control system I'm writing for Schweitzer is an AIR application.

I love this type of event. They always give me ideas for user group meetings, an opportunity to meet new people, and it makes me want to code more often. Even though I'd heard most of this material before I enjoy seeing these presentations live. The energy from the presenter and the room makes a huge difference. The Adobe team has done an exceptional job with this tour. If you're interested in making desktop applications using web app skills you should try to attend one of the remaining stops. If the bus tour isn't coming to your city (or you missed it) most of this content will be at MAX the Adobe designer/developer conference. Also an event I would highly recommend (although it's not free like the bus tour).