In an attempt to get myself into better shape I've decided that I need a goal. Sarah got it into her head that she wants to do a triathlon and somehow I've managed to get myself  sucked into the insanity. We were eating dinner Monday night with Steve and apparently he'd already said he would do it when I told him that if he did it I would. Oops.

I've biked off and on all spring, but rarely more than twice in a week unless biking to work counts (which it doesn't). Yesterday I ran for the first time in years running three minutes and walking one minute for a grand total of about two miles. To top it off I biked again last night – roughtly 9 miles.

The triathlon we're going to run is in August – about 7 weeks away and consists of a 300m swim, 12 mile bike ride, and a 5k run. Should be doable.