FCP Studio 2: Color

I just completed the first video with substantial color correction and grading using Apple Color today. It was quite a nice process. In four quadrant image below you can see each of the clips from these interviews. In clips A and B you can see clips that had the exposure properly set prior to the shoot. I didn't adjust the exposure for clip C and in clip C the corrected version of clip C.  



The workflow was relatively smooth and I found the interface for this type of quick correction to be much better than using the integrated FCP color correction tools. Outputting a sequence from Final Cut creates a Color project that has all of the clips in your  sequence and lets you correct each of them independently. Sending back to FCP creates a new sequence. For the final grading I exported the movie and reimported to a new sequence (as a reference movie). I sent that third sequence to Color and applied a slight gamma correction (for our a projectors, a blur masked by a soft-edged vignette, and a flim look to get a bit of graininess on the image. Below you can see the raw footage top and the final color grading on the bottom (click for a larger image).