CS3 Goodness

After a week of having serial numbers for our CS3 licenses the media finally showed up yesterday. It's been a long week as I stripped my Powerbook of all the products that would be replaced by CS3 when I got the serials, assuming the media wouldn't be far behind. I'm glad it's the only computer that got the uninstall. For some reason our reseller didn't list ESD as an option for our volume license. In just a few hours of working I'm enjoying the integration that surpasses previous versions. The software I had access to during beta made me anticipate the entire suite. I can't wait to get the Master Collection when it ships – for now I'm making due in the media department with Web Premium (we also got Design Standard for our publication person). The performance on an Intel iMac makes me want to upgrade my Powerbook badly, but I can wait until the next machine update from Apple. The overall installation process makes me happy for two things: 1) Adobe offering non-profit pricing to churches and 2) how the fairly smooth integration of these apps is going to make me more productive.