Dead G5

The G5 we use at Schweitzer for the main video editing workstation gave up the ghost last Thursday. I'd run down from the media suite to the main office Thursday afternoon and when I came back the system was unresponsive, with black screens, and refused to reboot. It's been in the shop since then, but I found out this morning that a new power supply (which would have been a free fix) didn't solve the problem. I'm praying that whatever they find is the actual problem can be fixed inexpensively and make my decision easy.

So currently I'm looking at options – our iMacs have worked well for projects (about the same speed as the dead system), but I hate to spend the amount required for a suitable iMac to replace our main system without a speed bump. I also don't really like the notion of moving the internal drives from the G5 into external cases. I'd been planning to put together a ghetto-tastic array this year, but it looks like a Mac Pro may be in store instead. Repairing the G5 is also a possibility, but I've set the threshold for expense at 60% of a new system, of course that may be too high given the rapid swtich to Intel.

Anybody got suggestions?