The Blogging Church

When I ordered The Blogging Church from Amazon I screwed something up and it shipped normal ground rather than with the two day shipping for my Amazon Prime account (which is a great thing), so it just showed up yesterday. The timing was actually really good though. My illness has made me worthless for anything but sleeping, reading, and watching TV. I opened the box this morning and have already read three chapters.

So far I’m incredibly pleased with what I’m reading. It’s directly in line with the conversations I’ve been having around Schweitzer about why the leadership of our church should be blogging. There seems to be a fear in our leadership about this type of technology and the authenticity it helps facilitate. I think it’s mainly because we’ve had some former staff behave badly when it came to things like myspace, xanga, etc. Jim, our youth pastor, has a blog, but he’s only posted once. He gets this book when I’m done with it.

I’ll write a more thorough review after I’ve finished the book.