The Kirks’ Wine Party

Last night was Steve and Tammy Kirks annual wine tasting party. It’s a great event and one we very much enjoy. Last night was more laid back than in previous years, but it was still quite fun. The concept is very simple. Each person/couple brings a bottle of wine which gets encased in a paper bag with a letter written on it. Everybody gets a small pour of the wine and ranks it 1-5. After all of the tasting the score sheet is turned in, tabulated, and there is a prize for the best red and the best white. Last night was interesting because there was only one white wine – which won by default. Tammy coordinates with several of the guests to have a nice assortment of food (speaking of which, ask me to bring something next year Tammy). My favorite food was the homemade cheese crackers (I want a recipe for those). Tammy and Steve have a very ecclectic mix of friends which makes for a great party.